Sony Xperia XZ3 vs Galaxy Note 9

Best smartphone review -Sony Xperia XZ3 vs Galaxy Note 9

What a guy stock you're and super fact he beyond this video key differences between the only axes three and the last thing I think has just been algae he comes grant six months. So it is a from a still they died booking be putting them up as your school. I have seen how are that sounds expect to look at so many free less up with the building designed both of these have a metal-free. We have girl glass five panels both lens back. If you look at the three from the front, I have to say it does but watch a lot of like the Galaxy devices that we've had for the past few years. That is something signature designer you have edges on the front. And this is something that only has now incorporated into their design. And having said that both of is too beautiful there are very well built survey a very premium and they're both we can't get just resistance.

This is great now the not nine is slightly larger regarding the high and with how they actually three is action around about millimeter take a compared to the not nine and generally speaking the action three is going to be you more comfortable device to hold. Because of the larger size of the not nine now the mall nine does have the largest size. Because it has been lives, display six points to show compared to the six which display of the see three now both devices have the only technology for their displace. This is the first time we've got Bravia all dead on an own experience device, and it looks studying the not known already has one of the best displays in the markets. But so they make that at the x seek repeats anything males out they now in my hands-on time with devices. I have to say look house and his standing some of these the best displace out that it's very very difficult to tell which ones. Better pulls have great verbal colors of very deep blacks high contrast ratios a both devices have one of things are very shop. Both models have good quality of screen and battery which is helps to watch videos more hours. So download Tubemate apk app if you need to download videos easily.

Best features and upgrades of both versions.

The next three because have slightly supported display with roughly the same amount of pixel so it does have a slightly high pixel less. Many releasing speaking this is not something you get to notice this today both of these had great displays that not nine does have slightly smaller barrels however in our compared to the x which has Mahler bezel compared it to the actually to but not as it's more as the night now let's move on to performance both devices all powered.

I'd equal constabulary equally five process the not nine also has a very with the action us and ninety ten that's going to depend on your markets however when it comes from ram the not nine has the six fully can buy a so grab the actually three just comes with walk you can buy so and so for the performance. Other things they not nine it does get the and back this year, however, the exercise three does too in fact it. People software it does come with and growing pipe out of the box the known nine currently is running on or he I have no idea

When we're going to get agree on pie and when it comes, a story gene built nine to comes with either one hundred and twenty-eight gigabytes. That's the basic I see you can get up to five hundred and well gigabytes which is that amount of stories on a smartphone the ray comes with six for owned by its. That is the only version how of a both of why is this you can expect with being my questing a lot. So that is nice to have both devices so moving onto camera is that design has a to counter sets up the hard way as previous the same as the slide plus you've got a probable camera which has to tool.

Battery, camera and display facts.

Teacher's going to its which way at one point five and have to point for really cool how this happens. And it's excellent for lowlights I had then some camera test with the not night at the last night plus I'll be thinking places super. And I’ll come to a comparison in because as well as in the description below. If you only check it out the open and also has a secondary telephone a camel which is going to give you two times articles. And it's also going to help with people effect with you've got to nineteen-pixel motion a camera this has an effort to point rapid rapture, but it is only a single camera now having spoken its own.

They have confounded that the key has the same camera of were for the reef is in camera as the next to so that's not a difference their whole of them we should have and improvements and saw ground social home. There's software is going to help here especially when it came to low lives in my test with the x to once again outlook that has in the cause us is the x my place. So light it did struggle, and that's because you're trying to cry nine schools any civil aside sensor whereas. But the notes night will be having told megapixels and once again because of the single camera on the x too.

The bocce respect portrait more whatever you are going to call. It was so great I know this is something that I hope. Let me improved that the x equally but it's something I'm going to have to test

Sony Xperia XZ3 vs Galaxy Note 9
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